Communicating with

Children Series

presented by Les Ryan

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The Communicating with Children series will take each

medium and explore the theory behind the use, as well as how it can be used.

Participants will learn demonstrably how each one of the key aspects can be utlised in various situations and environments.

Available Modules

Module 1: Intensive Observation

Intensive Observation and making links using outside world material to identify inside world landscapes.

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Module 2: Sand Tray Work

As used in life story work, and to allow the child to communicate their inside world dilemmas, feelings etc. without the need for words.

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Module 3: Puppet Work

Using puppets for story telling or communicating, to enable the child to make explicit that which is difficult or painful to do.

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Module 4: Story Telling

Using picture boards or stories as metaphors for the life of the child or events from the child’s life.


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Module 5: Drama & Metaphors

To assist children to understand the concepts that we are trying to communicate to them.

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We now also have Live Streaming options available that allow a select number of participants to join in from their home or office.


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