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The Course

Dissociation in Children and Adolescents: Assessment and Treatment (DCAT) is one of the most comprehensive courses available on assessing and treating children who have suffered complex trauma.


The course makes use of multiple formats, to ensure the practical aspects of assessment and treatment are applied in the safest way possible.


The course contains over 100 videos as well as various articles and handouts.


All participants join in on clinical case discussions after completing Module 1. This allows the participant to receive direct feedback from Dr Marks on any areas of struggle, as well as receive suggestions on alternative approaches and strategies.


The final part of the course is on-site and includes a total of 2 days of clinical material that is discussed in detail.

Dissociation in children and adolescents is still often missed where in reality thousands of children are suffering from the after effects of complex trauma. This adversely affects their sense of self, their cognitive functioning, as well as all their interpersonal relationships.  Complex behaviours are often resistant to mainstream therapy. This training provides practical strategies and techniques to equip the therapist to effectively assess and treat the child with complex trauma and dissociation.


This training will equip the professional with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide a much more effective service to these children and young people and make a significant long term difference in their lives.

How it works

  • Enrol Online


  • Start with the video and presentation content.


  • Over the first 2 months you learn about the history and theory as well as the first stages of assessment.


  • Sign on for the Clinical Case Discussions that are included in your course.


  • Attend both Archive days to see various video examples and practical application of assessment and treatment.


  • The course runs over a 12 month to 18 month period.


  • Expect to spend a minimum of 6 hours a month on course material.


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