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Below you will find a list of important information and frequently asked questions about the course. PLEASE READ THIS, before joining. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do contact us at

Who can attend this training?

This training is only available for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists and mental health professionals who are registered with a professional body in the country where you are practising.  It is recommended that you are working with at least one child or adolescent who is having symptoms of trauma and dissociation in order to fully benefit from the training. Your membership credentials will be required at enrolment. It is a criminal offence to submit false credentials.


What are the pre-requisites for the course?

You must have all the relevant professional qualifications and hold a current valid membership to one of the recognised regulatory bodies in the country where you are practising.


Why has the course format changed from the original?

We recognise that people are busy and booking out a total of 6 work days to attend on-site training is considerable; some delegates have the added strain of travelling significant distances. The new format does not eliminate the requirement for on-site training; however, it reduces the need to travel by over 60% while increasing your access to data and information exponentially.


In addition, the new format means that the level of information that everybody has access to is far greater than the original format, as well as the fact that the video sessions become a resource database that you can make reference to throughout the course. More so is the fact that you can access your course information and continue your learning via all major mobile devices and tablets. As long as you have a reliable internet connection you will be able to learn and access your resources on the move.


Once completed, you have the option to sign up to BICTD #RP, our resource platform, which gives you continuous access to all the video training material along with NEW monthly video updates and be the first to hear about any new research, information and training.


Can I cancel my course subscription and start back up at a later point?

Yes, but you must restart your subscription within 3 months of cancelling to avoid additional supervision sessions that will add to the cost of the course. If you decide to restart after the 3 month period, you will need additional catchup and supervision sessions to ensure you have done additional study to stay updated with the course information. If you restart your subscription more than 12 months after having cancelled, you will need to re-enrol from the start, including a new registration fee.


Why do I have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

We have a legally binding Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality agreement, which each and every delegate must sign. The course contains various elements which are of a sensitive and highly confidential nature. This agreement is to ensure that there is high level of privacy and confidentiality maintained.


What will I need to access the online course information?

All online aspects of the course will require PC (Windows 7 or higher), Mac (OS X 10.7), iOS6 or Android 4 (all devices must be updated to the latest versions of internet browsers and system updates). You will also need a stable broadband connection with a minimum speed of 2mbps (download) & 0.5mbps (upload). Recommended speeds for HD video is 8mbps (down) & 2mbps (up).


Can I pay upfront instead of doing a subscription?

Unfortunately, we only accommodate monthly payments at this time.


Does the course have a specific start date?

No, the course has a large element of video content allowing you to start the course any time you are ready and you can learn at your own pace.


What if I cannot make a supervision session or Archive Day?

If you miss a supervision or Archive Day you will be required to attend another to catch up.


I do not live in the UK, can I still do the course?

Yes, you can still sign up and do the course; however, depending on the country where you live, you will have to attend the two archive days in one of our international locations or visit the UK to do the two archive days at our offices. For more information on our international locations for the archive days, please click HERE.


What is required to complete the course?

You must work through all the video and test sessions; attend a minimum of 4 live (video) supervision sessions and attend both Archive Days. (International students please see International Section)


Why are there new Modules now and what are they?

When the course first started there were only the 5 days covering Introduction, Assessment and Treatment; however, as new research and breakthroughs have happened we have been updating the course to provide each and every delegate with the most relevant and up to date information.


The additional modules are Perpetrator Introjects, EMDR/Bilateral Stimulation (use of... on children suffering with complex trauma) and most recently Pre-Birth states. The last two modules mentioned above (EMDR & Pre-Birth) are only available on the 14 and 16 month subscriptions or 7 & 8 Module annual subscriptions respectively.


What if I am currently only working with adult clients?

A recommended minimum is to be working with at least one child or adolescent as this will make the training far more relevant; however it is not a pre-requisite and the information should enhance your existing knowledge of your adult clients' childhood experiences.  Previous adult trainees report that they were able to use many of the techniques successfully with their adult clients.


Do I need to have any EMDR training?

No: however EMDR for trauma processing is a key part of the course. It is strongly recommended, that you have or complete at a minimum the official EMDR level 1 training before attending our training on the use of EMDR/BLS in children with complex trauma and dissociation.


How much of my time will the course take?

You should aim for between 7 and 9 hours of study a month or approximately 2 hours a week.


When and how will the group supervision sessions take place?

The group supervision sessions will take place between 6pm and 8pm UK time on a quarterly basis and will be scheduled 1 month in advance. These sessions are conducted via secure web-conferencing so there is no need to travel.


How much does the course cost?

The cost of the course is specific to your enrolment option. Please go the the Enrol page to get full cost information.


Can I reduce my subscription cost by jumping ahead and viewing all the sessions?

No: All content is controlled and you are not able to jump ahead. The purpose of this is to ensure that no supervision sessions are missed and that aspects of the course is not applied without any accountability.


Do I get a formal Qualification with this course?

This training does not provide an accredited qualification; it is to complement and support professionals in further professional development. You must have already obtained an accredited qualification in order to do this course.


On completion a certificate will be awarded in collaboration with  the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation UK (ESTD-UK)and First Person Plural (FPP), that can count toward CPD points as well as evidence of having been trained in this particular field.









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