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The complexities around placing siblings will always be a challenge; how do we act in the long term, best interest of all the siblings?

What will I Learn?

  • You will gain a much broader insight into the complex dynamics of sibling placements.


  • You will learn how to assess sibling relationships more effectively.


  • After the training you will also be enabled to use the tools provided during the assessments, in order to determine what will be in the best interest of the sibling group in terms of long-term placements.


  • The training will also include practical guidelines for adoptive parents on how to enable their sibling groups to function better from the start of the placement.


Aims & Objectives.

  1. Objective analysis on literature
  2. How to determine whether siblings should be placed together.
  3. How to determine whether siblings should not be placed together.
  4. Assessments of sibling placements – Practical guidelines
  5. How to ensure good and positive long-term sibling placements.

This training is for:

• Adoption Social Workers

• Adoption Support Staff

• Social Workers



Session 1: February 14

Session 2: February 21

Session 3: February 28

Session 4: March 5


Login Time:

11.55 pm to 1.30 pm

(each session)



6 Hours (total)

Live Online Training

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