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Dr Ralf Vogt, is an internationally recognised trainer and the director of The Trauma Academy in Leipzig, Germany. Dr Vogt has dramatically changed the landscape of psychotherapy for traumatised individuals, both adults and children.


This has in large been due to incorporating body oriented aspects in psychotherapy, by using 'beseelbare objects', with the aim to address the full range of traumatic experiences. Trauma memories are often ‘stuck’ in the body of the adult, adolescent or child, due to early complex trauma. This model provides an effective way of eliciting authentic body-responses in order to progress with otherwise 'stuck' traumatic experiences.

The Course

Due to overwhelming demand, Dr Vogt has agreed to present the full Body-Orientated Psychotherapy Model(SPIM 30), as a 10 day training that will run over 4 weekends (Friday 9 AM to Sunday 1 PM).


Between April 2018 and March 2019, Dr Vogt will visit the UK 4 times to fully train participants in all aspects of the model.


Approximately 60% of the training will involve practicing and implementing the physical aspects of the exercises. The remaining 40% percent covering the theory and clinical case discussions.


There is approximately 3 months in between each of the weekend trainings. You will be encouraged to put into practice the theory and exercises that you have been taught, as well as deliver feedback on your findings and experiences.


Dr Vogt will in turn comment and respond to difficulties faced and any problems encountered.


This training is limited to 30 particpants.

Module 1

27 - 29 April 2018

  • the attachment concept
  • the perpetrator introject and perpetrator transference theory
  • the severity of degree: model of psychophysical states
  • atmospheric action oriented work with Beseelbare Therapy Objects
  • body oriented work for children and adults
  • working with the lack of aggression in dissociative clients or their impulsive hyper-arousals with aggression
  • three types of psycho-trauma and the consequences of re-enactments in the therapeutic scene
  • multiple body-oriented stabilization techniques for children and adults
  • settings for psycho-diagnostics and treatment in the therapeutic relationship.

Module 2

15 - 17 June 2018

  • active experience with accusation: settings for dissociative clients
  • special role play settings to illustrate how transferences and introjects work
  • transgenerational introject settings
  • some steps in working with Hoop-settings in practical case examples
  • focused action oriented body enactment work for diagnostics and solutions (for stress reduction)

Module 3

12 - 14 October 2018

  • principles of trauma exposition techniques
  • training with fixed and open screen technique
  • LMDR technique for dissociative clients
  • working with a floor mat for deep regression into trauma memories
  • focused action oriented work for trauma expositions - working with the implicit memory
  • discussions of all necessary indicators in case examples

Module 4

08 - 10 March 2019

  • principles of trauma integration techniques
  • training with role play settings for integration
  • structure of transgenerational exercises and role play settings
  • advanced steps with Hoop-settings for internal part conferences
  • supervision role play settings

The training will specifically be suited to all psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, counsellors, psychologists and therapeutic social workers, who are treating adults, adolescents and children who suffered complex trauma.

Learning outcomes:


  • managing  transference in a more effective way;
  • implimenting 'beseelbare' objects in order to elicit authentic body experiences;
  • full understanding of perpetrator introjects and how to manage these;
  • using body experiences for more effective trauma processing;
  • manage resistance in clients with complex trauma and dissociation.v

These methods are extremely powerful and can reduce treatment time for clients who suffered complex trauma, as it will enable them to connect to their internal conflict and experiences, by using the body oriented methods of Dr Vogt.


In addition, these methods can gently, but rapidly, reduce the usual resistance and negativity against therapy.


This training, is not only informative, but will be an exhilarating experience.

Registration 9am

Time for full days (Friday & Saturday):

9.15 am to 4.45 pm.


Time for Sundays: 9.30 am to 1 pm.


Refreshments will be provided.


Lunch is not included.

BICTD Office Huddersfield


A CPD certificate will be issued for a total of 60 CPD hours covering 10 days of training.


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The cost of the course is broken down into 2 elements.


1. Registration Fee: £215.00

(If you previously attended Dr Vogt's training back in May 2017, £50 will be refunded to you within 10 working days of your registration.)


2. Ten direct debit payments of £99

(starting April 2018)


Total Cost £1205 or

£1155 for previous participants


This course is limited to 30 participants only.

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