Children who are a

TAD troubled

Introduction to Trauma, Attachment & Dissociation

presented by Lynne Ryan


  • You will gain an understanding about the impact of trauma upon the child.
  • You will understand how trauma may affect the attachment relationship.
  • You will be given an introduction to dissociation theory and how prevalent it is in traumatised children.
  • You will learn about psycho-education and its importance in working with trauma.
  • After the training you will have increased knowledge, tools and strategies, which will assist their work with traumatised children and their families

Aims & Objectives.

  1. An understanding of the impact of trauma upon the child’s development and attachment relationships.
  2. The importance of early intervention and work with traumatised children.
  3. An introduction to child dissociation.
  4. The importance of psycho-education in work with traumatised children.
  5. Strategies and resources (practical and academic) to facilitate work with children who are a ‘TAD’ troubled.

This training is for:

  • Adoption Social Workers
  • Education Staff
  • Guardians
  • Social Workers

CPD Points: 3

Length: 3 Hours



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