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"Trauma almost always results in some level of dissociation in children, particularly in young children.

Trauma always interrupts or disrupts the attachment process."

Available Modules

Module 1: Introduction

An Introduction to Exploring Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation in Children.

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Module 2: Facilitating 'TAD' informed services....

Facilitating ‘TAD’ informed services for traumatised children: Services which acknowledge and address Trauma Attachment and Dissociation.

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LIVE Stream

We have a number of Live stream options available.

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bespoke Live Stream option.

This training is part of the new BICTD Half-Day or HD Training Series.

The aim is the provide concrete and practical trainings within a half-day time-frame, that allows participants to return to work the same day.


We now also have Live Streaming options available that allow a select number of participants to join in from their home or office.


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